90 Day Disciple Making Challenge

The 90 Day Disciple Making Challenge is for people who want to cultivate the habits of a disciple maker into their life.  If you accept the challenge, you will get an email like the one below:

Call today’s prayer partner.

Go to a coffee shop, ice cream shop, or a bakery that you’ve never visited before. Buy a snack; make eye contact with your server; and ask them how they are doing.  That’s it.

Have fun!


Disciple making is a lifestyle, not a job, which means it has to become habit.  And, we form habits by doing small things every day.  The 90 Day Disciple making challenge provides a small reminder in your inbox to be intentional about engaging the world around you, to be intentional about becoming a disciple maker.

Even better, if you hit ‘Reply,’ one of our coaches will get your email, read it, and cheer you on!

Disciple making can be fun and easy.  Better yet, you don’t have to do it alone.

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